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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Venue for Meetings

When planning a meeting or event, planners want to do everything possible to ensure everything goes perfectly. Choosing a venue is the decision that will have the largest impact on every detail of your event. It is important to consider all factors of your event so that you can choose the best venue for your needs.

Does the venue offer accommodations?

Some of your attendees may be from out of town, or may decide they’d like the convenience of staying at the same location that the meeting is being held. Consider holding your event at a resort or hotel that offers accommodations that are geared towards business travelers.

Does the venue offer a quiet environment?

There’s nothing worse than trying to speak at a meeting and having to raise your voice to speak over an outside noise that is interfering with your event. Choose a venue for your event that is located in a quiet area and removed from any high-traffic walkways or spaces so you won’t have to worry about loud voices in the hallway distracting your attendees.

Does the venue meet your technical needs?

Be sure that the venue can provide any AV or presentation equipment that may be required to conduct your event smoothly such as projectors, screens, easels, etc. Your attendees will also appreciate a venue that offers complimentary Wi-Fi to access their email throughout the event.

Can the venue provide meals and refreshments?

The best way to keep attendees energized and attentive throughout a meeting is to provide them with plenty of fuel. Coffee breaks, a simple and healthy lunch spread, and an afternoon snack break are much easier to arrange when the venue can handle it all for you.

Does the venue offer an option for post-meeting networking?

At the end of the day, your meeting attendees will be looking for a place to unwind and network. Choose a venue with a great outdoor restaurant and bar – your attendees will appreciate the easy access to a full bar and taking in the fresh Florida air after enjoying a full day at a successful meeting.

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